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The Advantages of using the Menicare GP CARE SYSTEM

All contact lenses, including the rigid gas permeable lenses which are made from the latest technologically produced polymer, become soiled during wear from contact with cosmetics, oils, lipids, protein, and normal eye secretions.  These deposits affect the comfort and clarity of the lens and must be removed.

Menicare GP CDS Solution removes surface soilants from the lenses and continues to clean during the disinfecting and storage cycle.

Once cleaned, the lenses are prepared for insertion into the eye by applying drops of Menicare GP WRW Drop to the lens surface.  This solution thoroughly wets the surface of the lens and provides cushioning when placed onto the eye during the wearing cycle to rewet and rehydrate the lens which will enhance the lens wearing cycle.

Menicare GP contact lens solutions, when used as directed, offer cleaning, disinfecting, storage, wetting, rewetting, and in-the-eye lubrication for RGP and hard contact lenses.  Menicare GP solutions are preserved with benzyl alcohol, the one preservative with no written history of irritation or sensitization, and will insure clean and comfortable lenses throughout the wearing cycle.  No thimerosal, chlorhexidine, benzalkonium chloride (BAK), or are sensitive to , are present in any of the Menicare GP solutions.

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